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Filmmakers in Cornwall have a problem: there is now only a single annual facility to show their work.

We have passed through times with a variety of opportunities for getting work to the public. Now there is just Cornwall Film Festival once a year in November. To the extent that it has reduced the possibility of other screening initiatives the festival has actually done damage.

Despite changes in technology that should have improved things beyond recognition, we are back in the situation we were in during the nineties, when pretty much the only chance for Cornish filmmakers to get our work seen was the Celtic Film & Television Festival (now the Celtic Media Festival).

The Cornwall Film Festival should have a place amongst a range of screening initiatives taking place the length and breadth of Cornwall. But as a sole opportunity it is not enough.

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On Bodmin Moor

Went to Bodmin Moor yesterday, searching for ‘Absence’ images. But ended up minding the dog Rupert, who couldn’t make it to the top on this occasion.

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My Vimeo channel….

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What exactly does the USA stand for again…?

Obama and his fellow wallowers in the glory of macho do not consider for even one moment that Osama Bin Laden was entitled to a trial before conviction and punishment at the hands of some dehumanised Navy Seal. Nor do they feel any need to establish whether or not the death penalty was legally available to them. And Karachi, on the nearest sea to Abbottabad, is 1570Km away according to Google Maps. Not the most obvious place to dispose of a deceased body. Unless you were trying to hide the evidence of a murder.

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On the Verge

The BBC are terrified of what the Tories might do to them, so they are effectively operating as their official mouthpiece. Under their current pusillanimous Director General, appointed for his sheer lack of likelihood of ever taking a stand on anything, the organisation is effectively ruled by the fear of Rupert Murdoch’s will being enacted by Cameron and co in a fit of spite.

This presumably explains tonights Newsnight presentation of the latest disaster in the saga that is the history of the current regime of Tory + Tory Pets. The Conservative deputy leader Michael Fallon (who?) was merely one of a panel composed of various Tory and New Labour drones discussing the implications of the ‘review’ of Cameron’s demolition of the NHS. No significant figure was confronted with the significance of this hiatus.

This is an incredibly cock-up prone government. Their every initiative has gone wrong, every prediction has come back to daddy with its tail between its legs. But the BBC can be relied upon at every turn to allow the current government some ersatz threads of dignity, instead of fulfilling their duty to put together a consistent narrative of what the the Conservatives and their little friends have tried to to do us and the ways they have revealed themselves to be failures even at class-based demolition.

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Books as at 2/11/10

Video Art, Michael Rush; Artists’ Journals & Sketchbooks, Lynne Perrella; The Shape of Things To Come, Saatchi Gallery; Tokyo Year Zero, David Peace; Art Monthly November 2010; conceptual art: a critical anthology, ed alexander alberro and blake stimson; Practise as Research – Approaches to Creative Arts Enquiry, ed by Estelle Barrett and Barbara Bolt.

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